5 Best Tennis Skirts & Skorts – Review & Comparison Guide

Whether you are on street or training in the court, these practical and convenient best tennis skirts and skorts will help you all along.

Finding the best tennis skirts that you can pair up with a trendy top out of the court and within the field is everyone’s dream. If you are one of this league, I would suggest you go for sports-inspired looks as these never go wrong. Tennis skirts having the ability to make you look attractive on and off-field are my first and practical choice whenever the situation gets me. These pieces being extremely comfy, trendy, classic, and practical, never go old whether you are on vacation or training in the field. You can fold these clothing pieces into the tiniest ones with quick-drying materials that never fade on frequent washes.

Whether you are getting all sweaty on the court or want to enjoy casual parties with friends, these tennis skirts are the must-haves in your closets and the only way to adopt these trendy pieces into your adult clothing collection. Here are some of my favorites and top five best tennis skirts and skorts that will help you all along.

5 Best Tennis Skirts & Skorts in 2021

BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skorts

9.5/10Our Score
  • Elastic closure
  • Wide elastic waistband & internal drawcord
  • Reflective details
  • Body: 90%polyester/10%spandex, Mesh Lining: 95%polyester/5%spandex

I would start my list with these Baleaf athletic shorts that have everything perfectly designed from fit to comfort and quality construction. It is one of the go-to skorts for anyone who wants a cool and stylish product with quality fabric that can last long. Additionally, I have been using this one for running, tennis, and golf, and every time, it has impressed me absolutely with a perfect fit. The fact that it has pockets on each side not only makes it trendy but extremely helpful.

Similarly, it falls two inches above my knees, which is my preference when it comes to size and fit. However, I got the size 12 that was perfect, but the chart suggested it to be 14. The manufacturers have added dri-fit spandex beneath it that is quite lightweight. It is also worth mentioning that the fabric is extremely breathable that keeps you fresh, not to mention durable that doesn’t get damaged on several washes. The pockets are also decently spacious to keep your cell phone in.

In the end, the design also comes with an exposed waistband that looks classy and trendy, with a small opening on the left. I like to hang my keychain in this opening so that I won’t forget it every time I leave the house. The only thing that could have been better was the logo that should’ve been positioned anywhere else. Also, the fact that everything is buttonhole stitched makes it reliable and long-lasting, making it a great deal for me.


  • Offers great comfort
  • Ideal for running / games
  • Includes a lightweight fabric
  • It comes with a great fit
  • Includes pockets for storage


  • Size can be an issue for some

In essence, this Baleaf is one of the best tennis skirts for women who are looking for a comfortable and fitted one. I absolutely love the pockets on each side that have been positioned to provide great ease without undermining the overall fit. It is also worth mentioning that the fabric is lightweight and offers great comfort when it comes to running and tennis specifically. I have also used it for golf and have washed it many times without drying and didn’t notice any fading or discoloration.

Women’s Active Athletic Skort

Multi Purpose
9.3/10Our Score
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Elastic closure
  • Lightweight, Wrinkle resistant & Comfortable to wear
  • It has two layers, skirt outer and shorts inner

To begin with, this Women Active Athletic Skort is all you need for your tennis games and practice sessions. It is equipped with everything from fit to comfort and breathability that makes it one of my personal favorites. Furthermore, the fact that this fabric is wrinkle-resistant and takes washes well makes it a great option for anyone who usually takes trips to running courts. It also includes built-in pockets that help you in keeping your essentials without any inconvenience.

Likewise, the design is comfortable and flattering at the same time. Another thing that is worth notice is that you can wear this design anywhere, be it in public places or courts. Also, the construction is fairly well; however, it is not the best. In a few instances, I have used my sewing machine to fix the issues. The fabric quality is great considering I have been washing my skirt regularly and haven’t noticed any fading or tearing.

Last but not the least, this skort includes two thick pieces that are undoubtedly comfortable but lie on the thicker side. Also, it is stretchable and offers a suitable fit for different types of bodies. You can also adjust the size with the help of an invisible drawstring that offers you great convenience. Finally, while washing, I found that it doesn’t take too long to dry out, making it a great option for anyone who doesn’t like to use dryers for good. I further found no problem in getting the perfect size according to the chart provided.


  • Offers great durability
  • It doesn’t take time to dry
  • Ideal for public places / games
  • It offers a perfect fit
  • Includes built-in pockets


  • The fabric might feel thick
  • Might feel sweaty

In conclusion, here comes another quality tennis skort with long-lasting construction, improved fit, and absolute comfort. I really like the well-organized design that offers a perfect blend of convenience and comfort without being too stuffy or overwhelming. It is my first choice for any running or practice sessions. You can also use this one in public spaces with its trendy design and super-comfy experience. Lastly, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who makes frequent visits to tennis courts.

Nike Women’s Court Pure Tennis Skort

Small Option
9.3/10Our Score
  • Elastic closure
  • Dri-FIT fabric
  • Flat waistband enhance support
  • Dolphin hem for range of motion

First of all, this tennis skirt from Nike is one of the best out there with the great durability and comfort that anyone would like. It comes with a well-thought construction, designed to last long and to provide a suitable fit, to begin with. I would recommend it to someone who usually does medium-impact exercises. Additionally, it comes with small ball pockets on each side that are ideal for storing essential items. Here, it is worth mentioning that both pockets are long enough to carry cell phones.

Secondly, these are designed solely for exercise purposes with an elastic waistband that adds value to the fit where you are given the facility to adjust it. Speaking of the fabric, I absolutely am in love with the polyester and spandex that are best known for their flexibility and comfort. Further, it is relatively lightweight that makes it breathable, and accommodates you all along. I have also tried washing it some time and haven’t noticed any fading as of yet.

In the end, if you are looking for women’s tennis skirts that you can also use in some public places, this is the one; however, I do not personally like this one for wearing outside. I also found the size to be perfect, just as mentioned in the chart. Although it is flattering, it doesn’t flare too much, and the fabric drapes around the body just perfectly, making it my absolute go-to for running. However, one thing that has been a problem for me was that it fell too short for someone who likes to exercise.


  • Includes sturdy/ breathable construction
  • It offers an appropriate fit
  • Ideal for medium-impact exercises
  • Includes stretchable fabric
  • Includes built-in pockets


  • Fell too short in size

Wrapping up, this is absolutely one of the best pickleball skirts with all the correct features and quality design that helps you all along. It comes with polyester construction that, despite having two layers, is lightweight and breathable, not to mention durable. For me, the fit and classic design are the deal-breakers. Additionally, it is designed for medium exercises with great stretch and durability that add value to it. All in all, it is a great choice for anyone who is in search of a quality skirt for tennis.

Pleated Tennis Skirts for Women

Long Option
9.3/10Our Score
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Elastic closure
  • 3 pockets design
  • Built-in Short Liner
  • Soft Comfort Material 

This A-line Pleated is one of the best tennis skirts for women who want a piece of pickleball clothing that is flattering, trendy, and absolutely comfortable. It offers a great fit that you can even wear in public places. I also really like this one because of the breathability and flexibility it offers, making you comfortable throughout the game and practice sessions. I have also been using it for running and found no problem in overall sizing and fit. It falls just above my knee, which is solely a personal preference.

Moreover, the color is just the one mentioned on the package with the exact drape, having no exaggeration. The fabric is sewn remarkably, which makes it look even more attractive and flattering. Despite having two layers, it has a soft and breathable fabric that keeps you fresh throughout. It is also lightweight, which makes it a great choice for tennis and golf. Also, the two layers offer you great coverage, and I found a great space for a range of motions while actively exercising and running, which makes it an amazing one.

Last but not least, the manufacturers have added three bonus pockets to keep your cell phone and essential cards in these. It can also be adjusted by the drawstring that makes it perfect for all body types. It comes in a variety of colors from which you can choose based on your preference and where you are going to wear it most of the time. Also, it is worth mentioning that I haven’t noticed any fading or discoloration despite washing frequently.


  • Ideal for active running
  • Includes breathable/ firm construction
  • Offers great coverage
  • It offers a range of movement
  • It comes in a variety of colors


  • Size can be a problem for some
  • Size chart is not the best

In conclusion, I do not at all regret my decision to buy this ladies tennis skirt as it has everything from a trendy design to a range of colors and coverage to accommodate you best. It is known for its firm construction with dual-layer fabric and three pockets that make it highly functional and a great option for active exercising. I also really like the fact that despite having all the essentials, it comes with a reasonable price range. On the whole, it is a must-have for the best tennis skirts and skorts.

Yogipace Women’s UV Protection

Comfortable and Lengthy
9.5/10Our Score
  • Elastic closure
  • Sun Protection UPF 50+
  • Built-in mesh liner
  • Sonic Music Port for easy headphone access

To start with, I really like this one for tennis skorts for ladies as it has great protection, coverage, perfect fit, and ultimate comfort that serves you well. It is probably a must in my list of best tennis skirts and skorts as it has a mesh fabric that is quite hard to find in the market. I also really appreciate the thought that is behind the spacious pockets and the design, making it ideal for a range of movements and freedom while actively exercising.

Similarly, I, being 200 pounds, find this fit and fabric phenomenal considering that it drapes quite nicely and offers decent coverage. It is also not too long, that can be a problem specifically for tennis players. The design further incorporates two convertible pockets. Speaking of the fabric, I found it exceptionally soft and breathable, with much flexibility that has helped me in the tennis court with freedom of movement. In simple words, I was able to do pretty much every shot that is not possible in other ones.

Additionally, for me, the left is for keeping my phone and cards while I also used the other one for tennis balls and other stuff. I have been washing mine for quite some time frequently and haven’t noticed any problem with discoloration or stitches. The stitches are also worth mentioning as I haven’t encountered any problem despite using them for a long time. All being said, you would find some problem regarding the size as the chart has not mentioned everything clearly.


  • Offers a firm construction
  • Includes quality mesh fabric
  • Offers freedom of movement
  • Ideal for active exercise
  • Ideal for all body types


  • Choosing the right size is tricky
  • Size chart is not the best

Finally, this one from Yogipace is one of the best tennis skirts if you are going for something that is functional and protects you from sun and UV rays effectively. I really like the pocket placement, mesh construction, and overall fitness that is perfectly suited for a tennis player. It is further one of the most comfortable out there, considering it offers you a space to freely do a range of movements. On the whole, it is a great option for all body types with a perfect blend of flexibility and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best tennis skirt for ladies?

The Baleaf women’s athletic skirt for tennis is one of the best for ladies as it has everything you need for a comfortable experience. It comes with spandex that offers great coverage and allows you to move on the court freely. Also, I have been using it for active running, and it is to admit that I haven’t experienced any inconvenience throughout in terms of breathability, flexibility, or discoloration. Lastly, the buttonhole stitching and polyester fabric make it stand among others.

Is it okay to wear a tennis skirt?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear a tennis skirt on casual occasions and in public places. Some designs such as Nike’s women’s skort and Pleated athletic design are made trendy and attractive specifically for this purpose to be worn outside the court. However, it depends on your comfort, so if you are okay with it, give it a shot. One simple tip from me would be to try to wear a graphic top with small details to pair your tennis skirt with so it appears more casual.

What is the difference between skirts and skorts?

A skirt is a usual clothing item that is designed for women to wear that usually extends from the waist to the lower part of the body. On the other hand, skorts are specifically designed for athletes or runners to play with a range of movements in the court. Similar to skirts, these are a bit shorter, drapes perfectly, and have a specific fit that suits that particular body type. Many tennis players and active runners like these skorts for freedom and comfort.

Are tennis skirts comfortable?

Yes, tennis skirts are extremely comfortable, and most of them include spandex that adds to the overall pleasant experience. So, these two layers are designed in these skirts to help you in achieving a great range of motion and freedom of movement. Also, many brands have come up with fabrics like mesh and polyester that offer great breathability despite having spandex. All in all, these are designed to be comfy and convenient for good.

What is the most comfortable tennis skort for ladies?

Yogipace is one of the most comfortable tennis skirts out there for ladies with quality construction, flexibility and allows you to do a range of movements with ultimate freedom. I really like this one because the manufacturers have added mesh material that is quite hard to find these days. Also, the fact that it has three pockets for storage and still offers great coverage makes it the best tennis skirt among competitors with a similar price range.

Are tennis skorts still in style 2021?

Yes, tennis skirts are still in fashion in 2021. Although the peak of popularity can be traced back in time, many brands have come up with contemporary and modern skirts, having trendy A-line designs and a variety of popping colors. Many women like to pair these things with graphic shirts and solid-colored tops that go well with the overall vibe while you are in public places such as streets or in casual parties.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, whether you are going to spend your vacations partying and casually chilling on the streets or want to train in the field for matches, these tennis skirts and skorts are the absolute necessary pieces. Having the ultimate comfort, convenience, and space to move freely, these skirts are my go-to preferences on all occasions. If you are someone who is into the trendy clothing pieces that are easy to carry and comfortable at the same time, here are my recommendations;

Finally, I hope that you find the best tennis skirt that matches what you need and has the trendy design you are looking for to pair up with your graphic and solid tops.

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