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Top Brands of Pickleball

It is very important to do some homework before buying the pickleball paddles, balls or other products related to the sport irrespective of whether you are brand new to this sport or you already own paddles. Recently this trend is gaining hype since there are more and more people who have already started playing this. This is the reason all the brands are trying their paddles to stand out from all other products.

Even though there are many factors that need to be considered, there are 3 main factors that are very important and really matter when buying pickleball paddles.

  • Think about the weight, which is comfortable for you. This should be the weight which you feel can play best with.
  • Choose the size that fits your hand. 
  • The shape should be selected based on your playing style

Along with all these, one more very important thing is the paddle should be affordable and it should be in your comfortable price range. There are paddles which are made of wooden with cost $10 and some with cost $150 which are pro paddles. A paddle should be chosen based on ideal weight, correct grip size, and style.

Factors to consider:

The majority of the buyers always look at the price and make their decision. Even though it is very important to stay within your budget and this is the need, the price itself should not be the right answer when choosing paddles. 

Most pickleball experts think that weight should be the top priority when choosing the paddles. The weight of the paddle ranges from 6- 14 ounces. Paddles with weight below 7.3 oz are considered as lightweight paddles. 8.5 oz and more are heavy paddles.

Weight always determines the feel of the pickleball paddle when the paddle is in your hand and when you do the action in the court. In general, the weight selection of the paddle is a personal preference of the player. The style of the play and the fitness of the player also matters.

At Pickleball Pad we review all the top brands of this sport selling different products and we are the team of people who actually love and play this sport on a daily basis. Our core purpose of the site is to provide real to core knowledge to the people already playing this game or newcomers who are thinking to start playing the game but do not know how to get started and what things they need and how to play this game.

The tops brands like Paddletek, Niupipo, Gearbox, Selkirk, Upstreet, Prolite, Onix, Gamma, and many other brands have been extensively reviewed by our passionate team of actual players of Pickleball.