TheraBand FlexBar Review – Improve Grip Strength & Tennis Elbow

We tested three TheraBand Flex Bars offering extra light, light, and medium resistance levels and here is a TheraBand FlexBar Review

Do you want to improve the grip strength of the wrist, arms, and shoulder? Or, looking for a non-surgical solution for Tennis elbow or tendonitis? If you’re into any of the above situations, we have got the best solution for you. TheraBand Flexbar is a cost-effective, non-surgical therapeutic solution to all your problems. It is clinically proven to relieve elbow pain, tendon inflammation and increase grip strength.

The best thing is that it is available in 4 progressive resistance levels. Each resistance level serves a different purpose and makes the bar useful for different people in different situations. We tested and reviewed the three TheraBand Flex Bars offering extra light, light, and medium resistance levels. To find out which TheraBand FlexBar is your perfect match, give a thorough read to this article.

TheraBand FlexBar Review

TheraBand FlexBar (Extra Light)

TheraBand Extra Light Flex Bar is an affordable, easy-to-use, and efficient product that helps you get rid of tennis elbow injuries. It is a non-surgical affordable treatment that helps you treat the golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. This Flexbar offers extra light strength, making it an ideal choice for the early-stage patients of golfer’s elbow or tendonitis. This resistance level is also ideal for people with a severe elbow, hand, or forearm injury.

Additionally, it is ideal for women or kids with small body structures since it offers the lowest level of resistance and is easy to use. The extra light TheraBand Flexbar comes in a yellow color and has the lowest resistance. The required force to bend this bar is only 2.75 kg or 6 lbs, which is ideal for small body structures or people with severe injuries. The bar is made with high-quality dry rubber that offers excellent grip and long-term performance.

The bar has a simple design with straight ridges giving the user maximum grip on the bar. You can perform various exercises like Tyler Twist and grip training using TheraBand FlexBar. Also, you can perform advanced oscillation exercises to increase the shoulder, hand, and forearm strength.

After repeating Tyler Twist 2-3 times a day with TheraBand FlexBar Extra Light, we found out that it actually helped with tendon inflammation. Also, with continued use, we felt a significant improvement in shoulder and wrist strength. Unfortunately, UltraFlex Bar is available in only one length, which limits its usability to certain exercises. Also, the ridged structure gets damaged when you use it continuously for 5-6 weeks.


  • Ridged Texture for best grip
  • Dry Natural Rubber construction
  • Low resistance level to rehab severe injury
  • Affordable non-surgical solution
  • Includes detailed exercise instructions


  • Ridges tears with continuous use
  • Available in only one length

If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy and non-surgical solution to treat tennis and golfer elbow, TheraBand FlexBar is the best choice for you. I found it really helpful in relieving joint soreness and tendon inflammation, and it also helped improve the hand and shoulder grip strength.

TheraBand – 26100 FlexBar (Light)

TheraBand 26100 Flexbar offers a light level of resistance and is available in red color. This bar is best for women with large body structures and men who are about to start TherBand FlexBar Exercises. Additionally, it is ideal for people suffering from prolonged golfer elbow or tennis elbow.

The force required to bend this flex bar to a U-shape is 10 lbs or 4.5 kg, which is a moderate force to get a pain-free start.TheraBand FlexBar features a natural dry rubber construction making it soft for skin. Also, the rubber material coupled with ridges texture offers unmatched grip making it one of the best exercise bars for tennis elbow.

Through bending, twisting, and oscillation exercise, this bar improves your upper extremities and aids in relieving elbow or forearm pain.  Additionally, this flex bar comes with a complete set of instructions to perform different exercises, making it easier to use without a trainer.

Since the athletes make excessive use of the forearm muscles and repeat the same stroke in tennis and golf, again and again, it causes the Golfer elbow or tennis elbow. TheraBand 26100 flex bar with a light resistance level is the best option for golfers, tennis, and baseball players. They can regularly use this bar to prevent this condition.


  • Includes exercise guide
  • Made with natural dry rubber
  • Effective against tennis elbow
  • Excellent grip for ease-of-use


  • It May not help with severe pain
  • Available in only one length-12 m

TherBarndf 26100 Flexbar is one of the best rubber bars for tennis elbow currently available in the market. With a light level of resistance and excellent grip, we found this bar highly effective in treating tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar (Medium)

TheraBand FlexBar, with a medium resistance level, comes in green color. The required force to bend this resistance bar in a u-shape is around 15 lbs. Therefore it is ideal for the athletes who want to upgrade from light resistance level to medium resistance level. Also, it is ideal for well-built men and professional athletes who want to begin tennis elbow exercises.

Like other FlexBars in the series, it also features a natural rubber construction that is safe for skin and offers excellent grip. Plus, its ridged structure makes it easier to hold in hand while performing bending, twisting, and oscillation exercises.

Since this FlexBar offers a medium resistance level, it is used for grip training in different sports like Crossfit, kayaking, baseball, and tennis. The bar comes with a complete set of instructions, making it easier to perform different exercises at home.

What we loved most about this bar is its portability. You can easily carry this simple yet highly useful equipment anywhere with you. Also, we found this flex bar very effective in treating tendon inflammation and muscle soreness. On average, it takes around one month to show a significant improvement. However, this period could be longer or shorter depending upon the severity of your case.


  • Excellent grip
  • Made with natural dry rubber
  • Ideal for professional athletes
  • Ideal for various sports grip-strength training


  • Available in only one length
  • The surface gets damaged with continuous use

If you are looking for something simple and affordable for grip strength training, the TheraBand FlexBar resistance bar is the best option for you. It is a non-surgical solution for tennis elbow and also helps you relieve the pain in the elbow, forearm, and finger joints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Theraband FlexBar should I get?

If you are suffering from severe injury or have a small body structure, you should get the beginner-level TeraBand Flexbar, which offers extra light resistance and is available in yellow color. For professional athletes, who want to increase their tendon strength, it is recommended to get a higher resistance level. You can begin with medium resistance and progress upward to the heavy when you have more grip and strength.

What is tennis or golf elbow?

Tennis or Golfer’s elbow is a condition in which you feel pain in the tendons joining the forearm and inner side of the elbow. If this condition is not treated, the pain can escalate and can spread to the forearm, wrist, hand, and even finger joints.

How do you clean FlexBar Theraband?

FlexBar TheraBand is made up of high-quality natural dry rubber, and you can easily clean the bar with water and gentle soap. Soak the bar in clean water for five minutes. Then apply a gentle soap to remove any dirt on the FlexBar. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean the ridges thoroughly. Rinse the bar with clean water and let it dry.

What is Tyler’s twist?

Tyler Twist is a therapeutic exercise that is clinically proven to reduce the golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow pain. It is one of the simplest exercises you can perform at home using simple equipment like FlexBar. It helps rehab the injury, improves the wrist and shoulder strength, and treats tendon inflammation.

Should Tyler twists hurt?

Tyler Twist Hurts in the beginning, especially when you are recovering from a severe injury. However, experts say that if the Tyler Twist exercise hurts, it means you are doing the exercise in the right way and targeting the correct area. However, if the exercise continues to hurt, you should take a break and also visit the doctor to prevent inflammation or soreness.


We can safely conclude that TheraBand FlexBar works like a miracle and helps you get rid of the severe Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow. While reading FlexBar reviews online, it is critical to consider your body structure and the severity of the issue to get your perfect match.

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TheraBand FlexBar Review

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