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Pickleballpad is your one-stop guide for all things pickleball. 


Welcome! My name is John Warner, I’m a pickleball fanatic and avid player who tries to compete in local tournaments whenever I can. I’m also passionate about teaching others and I’ve organized several pickleball clinics for beginners in my own community. My wife and I first met on a pickleball court and now eight years later, we make sure to set aside time each week to play together as a family. We’ve also started to teach our two toddlers to art of the dink.

Pickleball Pad Jeff Warner teaching pickleball pad to kids


I created Pickleballpad because I was frustrated about the lack of comprehensive information I could find online about pickleball gear.


For instance, paddles are one of the most essential items to play pickleball, but there are so many various types of pickleball paddles available in the market it quickly becomes confusing and overwhelming for beginners (or even the veteran players) to choose the best pickleball paddle for their style of play.


This is where Pickleballpad comes to your help.

I realize the smart and passionate players always prefer a complete, comparative analysis of different paddles, brands and pickleball gear when making an informed buying decision.
As pickleballpad has grown, I’ve gathered a larger team of players, writers and editorialists to make our content even more helpful and specific to your personal pickleball needs.

Why Count on Pickleballpad?

Pickleballpad provides detailed and solution-oriented information for all-types of pickleball players.  Our reviews and guides are based on practical experience and knowledge of the game.


Do Affiliate commissions make us biased?

We only can make a commission if the products we recommend are actually good–it must last both the test of time for buyers and have support their  performance. If the products we review are returned back to the seller, we will lose compensation, so there is no benefit for us to recommend inferior products to our readers.

We receive some part of affiliate commissions when users click and buy the products from our given links on the website that helps us to bear the website running cost along with providing some funds to keep buying new gear available for Pickleball and test them thoroughly.

Our editorial and management team has a process in place in which we select a product and then use the product for at least 4 weeks and only after that we start sending feedback to the content team who write the reviews of products. In the case of Pickleball Guides, we chat with different players at the court and take their feedback on whether the guide we are preparing for the users actually helps or not.

What to do now?

If you are still here and reading this, it means you are serious about becoming a better pickleball player. The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that goal:


Read Our Pickleball Guides to help you understand the basic to advanced concepts of the game along with tips and techniques to improve the gameplay.

Read our Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide to help you understand the key points before making a purchase and which type of paddle works best according to your needs.


We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!


The Pickleballpad Team

John Warner

John Warner

John is a pickleball fanatic and father of two.  He is an avid player and competes in local tournaments whenever he can. In addition to his love for the game, John is also passionate about teaching others and has organized several pickleball clinics for beginners in his community. He and his wife, first met on a pickleball court, and now make sure to set aside time each week to play together as a family and teach their two toddlers to art of the dink.

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