Best Niupipo Pickleball Paddles 2023 – Review and Comparison Guide

This Niupipo pickleball paddles review and comparison guide can help you level-up your game with shock-absorption, stability, and control.

The pickleball paddles have the ability to make or break your game. This quality equipment is a great alternative to achieve strength, power, stability, protection, and balance. Regardless of your skill level, it is important to have a quality paddle that is able to serve you with optimal performance. These paddles are a bit smaller than a tennis racquet but larger than a ping-pong paddle, having a great scope to practice with, especially if you are a beginner.

If you are in the process of finding a paddle for long gameplay, you can find nothing better than Niupipo, which is a renowned brand for long-lasting, sturdy, and reliable paddles. Likewise, it is worth noticing that all these paddles are approved by USAPA through rigorous testing and with strict specifications. Niupipo has launched a number of products that have become popular choices among players, for professionals and beginners alike.

However, making a buying decision can be an uphill task considering you will have to consider every technical detail from material construction to weight, handle size, stability, and circumference of the paddle. Here, you can use this  Niupipo pickleball paddles review guide that offers a comprehensive account of all the specifications and merits of each model so that you can find the one that best suits your individual needs.

Best Niupipo Pickleball Paddles

Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

9.7/10Our Score
  • USAPA Approved
  • Honeycomb Core Provides Strength & Power
  • Graphite Carbon Fiber Facing
  • Premium Grib Structure

To start with, I would categorize this Niupip Graphite, an affordable and efficient pickleball paddle with all the high-end and serviceable features that helps you throughout. Considering the overall power and control, all I can say is that you cannot buy such a product at a reasonable price range. Some highlights of this one include its sturdy construction quality, improved grip, and overall lightweight design. It is specifically designed for people with beginner to intermediate skills.

First of all, the key characteristic of this paddle would be its polypropylene honeycomb core that is different from conventional ones in the market. This core is best known for its strength value that goes well with the overall structure of the paddle and helps you in hitting the ball with extra power. Also, it is strong enough to provide you a quality stroke while you are flexing your tennis skills on the field. The fact that each paddle weighs only 8 oz, making it perfectly lightweight. So, you won’t feel any inconvenience while giving your best shot.

Speaking of the protection, you would find this one absolutely phenomenal in performance efficiency. I found the paddle construction absolutely suitable for hitting the ball ideally with ease. The design further incorporates a protective bag that is responsible for ensuring safety. Also, for durability, the manufacturers have made this one from a solvent material, making it resistant to any oil-based solutions that keep it long-lasting and offer a long service life.

Secondly, when it comes to grip, the Graphite Paddle from Niupip contains an ultra-cushion grip. Here, you will find the paddle is entirely covered with this cushioning from the handle to the paddle that makes it soft and helps you in the best manner. However, one downside for this would be that the paddle will rarely sweat and eventually can lead to slipping. So, there might be some issues regarding control in a sweaty situation; however, it is only in the worst scenarios.

All being said, you will find a sweat-absorbent feature that will prevent moisture and will help you in getting some good shots for the longest time. The design additionally has an edge-guard design that prevents potential elbow injuries, making it one of my favorites, with safety ensured. Finally, the fact that you will get all these features in an affordable price range, makes it a quality product across the board from Niupipo.

Any sports equipment certified by the central federation of the game can be categorized as a reliable and quality product.  In the end, the fact that this one is approved by the USAPA makes it of great value and one of the best among others with a similar price range. It is a renowned pickleball association famous for testing and approving quality tennis equipment. Hence, while buying this one, I can say that you don’t have to worry about the credibility of this Graphite paddle.


  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It has the ability to provide massive strokes
  • Includes edge-guard design
  • It is a cost-effective option
  • Offers great stability and control


  • The handle is not appropriately designed
  • Might sweat in some cases

Lastly, while doing the Nuipip Graphite paddle review, I found that it is absolutely suitable for anyone who is looking for a beginner’s model with an affordable price and efficiency. It is one of the best out there, with a sturdy polypropylene core yet lightweight design that helps you in getting maximum strokes at high speed. I also really like the edge-guard design and additional protection that has been added to make users feel at ease. Finally, considering the balance, control, and construction, it is absolutely here for a long time to play with a great grip.

Niupipo Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

Fiberglass Option
9.8/10Our Score
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Used
  • Reliable Fiberglass Face
  • Ultra Cushion Grip
  • Free Paddle Cover
  • USAPA Approved

Likewise, here comes another great deal from Niupipo, having all the correct features to accommodate you completely. This Fiberglass Pickleball paddle is best known for its quality construction, unrivaled protection, and exceptional stability that are all the features hard to find nowadays in one product. Thus, investing in this one can be the right decision that will serve you in the long run.

Additionally, like other Niupipo paddles, this one is equipped with everything from a quality handle to edge-guard design and absolutely beautiful graphics that ensure not only efficiency but look aesthetically pleasing. The first thing you noticed about this paddle is its textured material indicating that it is made up of fiberglass or composite material. This composite material is famous for its spinning techniques that perfectly accommodate you in getting maximum strokes.

Talking about its face value, apart from the fact that it comes from Niupipo (a renowned brand), I am absolutely impressed with its design that offers a suitable blend between the overall power and control. All in all, this paddle is undoubtedly the best for anyone who wants intricacy and accuracy in their games. Furthermore, the product comes with a standard size that is perfectly well-suited for both power hits and spin. It incorporates a surface area of 7.9’ width and 15’ length that is ideal for achieving control and overall power.

Additionally, the fact that it weighs 8.1 for each paddle makes it neither extremely heavy nor too light to miss a shot. Thus, having a moderate weight is probably the top-most quality that has compelled me to include this Fiberglass paddle in my list of the best Niupipo pickleball paddles. So, you can easily maneuver it the way you want for different games. In the end, it is important to admit that you are getting all these high-end features at a reasonable price range.

Similarly, it is also worth mentioning that this paddle offers you the best grip across the market with absolute convenience. The design of this Fiberglass comes with a 4.5’ handle that has a standard circumference, making it suitable for average players. Hence, in case you are looking for something that can facilitate you with a quality grip for your intermediate skill set, this one is the way to go. However, you will have to compromise on a small grip.

In addition to this, the handle has soft cushioning that makes it absolutely perfect for easy stroke. Also, you will find a specific perforated texture that is phenomenal in absorbing moisture and sweat, making it easy to hit the ball. Apart from non-slip, this can also help you in causing potential injuries such as blisters or elbow injuries. I would like to add that this design includes a honeycomb polymer core that is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor. This core makes relatively less noise and absorbs shock effectively, making it ideal for players who like to play at a fast speed.


  • Offers great power and control
  • It absorbs noise and shock ideally
  • It offers a comfortable/ sweat-free grip
  • Ideal for all types of players
  • It offers unrivaled protection


  • A bit higher than usual on price

Finally, this Fiberglass pickleball paddle from Niupipo is one of the best if you are someone who plays at a fast speed or even a beginner. It has everything to serve you well, from stability to power and protection. It is famous for its edge-guard design, not to mention the fiberglass construction that makes it extremely intricate and accurate overall. I also really like the honeycomb core that absorbs noise and shock ideally, making it effective for high-speed strokes. It is a great pickleball paddle for experienced players who like to experiment with the ball and flaunt their skills.

Niupipo Carbon Fiber Face Pickleball Paddle

Carbon Fiber
9.7/10Our Score
  • USAPA  Approved
  • Graphite Honeycomb Core and Graphite Carbon Fiber Surface
  • Lightweight Pickleball Paddle
  • 10.63″ L x 7.87″ W x 0.59

To start with, I found this one similar to the Graphite pickleball when it comes to grip and overall construction. I really like it for players with intermediate skills; however, it is safe to say that you won’t find any difficulty or inconvenience while using this if you are an experienced user. The highlights of this paddle are its textured design and unrivaled grip that helps you get most of the shots even at maximum speed.

Furthermore, this Fiber Face paddle is designed to give you absolute power and control over the whole process, making it a great alternative to go for at a justified price range. Similarly, this Niupipo pickleball paddle set of 2 is one of my favorites with its sturdy construction and improved strength. Speaking of the weight, although it is a bit higher than usual, I still found it lightweight enough to help you in getting the most shots absolutely right without any inconvenience.

The design incorporates a graphite carbon handle that is textured to help with performance and for sweat absorption. This core included in this model is a honeycomb that is known for absorbing noise and shock remarkably, so you can use it for high-speed hits. Despite this, you won’t find this paddle getting out of control as it is surprisingly moderately weighted for improved accuracy. On the whole, I felt energetic for the longest time while playing and was able to spin and shoot easily.

Likewise, speaking of the grip, I was pleasantly surprised with the cushioning and moisture-wicking technology. As we all know, the grip is the primary concern of players when it comes to getting maximum shots, accurate spins, and speedy hits. For this purpose here, Niupipo has included ultra-soft cushioning around the handle with phenomenal control over the moisture. So, despite being extremely soft and cozy, you will find that the handle doesn’t become slippery with time, so you can continue the game without any worry of sweat drooling over your hand.

When it comes to the surface area, you will find this Fiber Face to be of standard size that helps you in feeling comfortable all along. This will help you not only to get the desired grip but also make you stable throughout, even in aggressive gaming. Also, the paddle is designed to give you relatively more energy for spins and speedy hits. All being said, you are not getting a smaller grip, for which you might have to look somewhere else.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that this Fiber Face is approved by USAPA, meaning that it stands against all the tests and requirements to classify as reliable and sturdy. Lastly, although it can take speedy hits ideally without much hindrance, I would still recommend it for newcomers and people with intermediate skills. This feature also adds to the protection as the test has a separate category of ensuring safety. So, you are facilitated by the free zippered covers that not only work for UV rays and sunlight but also protect players from potential elbow injuries and blisters.


  • It is a lightweight/ durable paddle
  • Offers great strength and control
  • Offers unrivaled protection / safety
  • Includes ultra-cushioned grip
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals


  • It can be heavy for some users

In the end, if you are looking for something that can accommodate professional as well as beginner skills, this Niupipo Fiber Face paddle is a great choice. It is one of the best Niupipo pickleball paddles with sturdy construction, strength, and an exceptional grip that facilitates you in hitting easily and getting the most shots. Additionally, I really like this one because it has an ultra-cushioned grip that makes it stand among others. Finally, it is worth mentioning that you are getting this set of two paddles with great efficiency at an affordable price range.

Niupipo Pickleball Paddles Set of 2 (Budget Option)

Budget Pick
9.8/10Our Score
  • Durable internal honeycomb core and fiberglass surface
  • USAPA approved
  • Lightweight (7.8oz) For Control
  • Beautiful Paddle Face

If you are currently looking for a paddle set that is reliable and works remarkably for professionals and beginners, this one from Niupipo is by far the best across the market. Having an outstanding offer for you, this paddle set not only comes with paddles but four balls and a carry bag that serves you well. Also, the fact that this whole kit is reasonably priced makes it a great option for players.  Also, I absolutely love the textured handle that makes it efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, coming from Niupipo, there should be no doubt about the reliability, sturdiness, and power of these paddles. These paddles contain a fiberglass surface that not only just improves the feel of the handle but makes it decently lightweight (as each weighs only 7.3 oz making it the lightest across the market) and stable. It also offers you an improved speed and pace whenever you are playing tennis. Similarly, the design is edge-guard, so next time whenever you hit the paddle on the ground, you won’t have to worry about the damage.

Moreover, this paddle of 2 is made up of a polymer honeycomb core that is known for its additional strength that accommodates you with desired power. It is also noteworthy that it absorbs the noise and shock relatively well, making it remarkably good for professional players who are used to speedy hits. Additionally, the cushioning is pretty soft that makes the handle ideal with an advanced sweat-absorbent mechanism that does not tire you even from playing for long. Finally, you can ideally use it indoors and outdoors with absolute efficiency.

This design is also excellent for achieving power as it has a proportionate weight distribution that makes it easy to do hits or even swing the ball with this. It is because the pressure is reduced from your wrist that helps you with more power and strength without any inconvenience.  When it comes to protection, it is worth the notice that it is approved by USAPA that adds to the peace of mind for players. So, you don’t have to worry about the reliability and safety of this set.

Last but not least, the paddles are designed to provide you with control and stability all along. Here, the combination of honeycomb core and fiberglass texture makes you stable throughout with reduced noise and shock. Talking about the grip, it provides you with a comfortable and efficient experience overall. The manufacturers, while designing these paddles, have prioritized the detailing in size and circumference. Hence, a standard design of 4.92’ length and 4.25’ circumference offers you a quality grip and reduced pressure that helps you in good hits and swings.

Also, the fact that these paddles are designed with intricacy and strength, makes them a great choice at a reasonable price range. While doing the Niupipo pickleball paddle review, I found that it has all the correct features from grip to comfort and control that help you effectively with a smooth tennis game. All in all, it is a great kit for anyone who is in the initial stages of a tennis game and wants to practice the skill ideally. All being said, professional players are not fans of this product, so if you are one of them, I would recommend you do your research.


  • Offers great stability and balance
  • USAPA approved for tournaments
  • Offers impressive control and accuracy
  • It comes at a reasonable price range
  • It includes a complete set for beginners


  • Not great for Professional Players

In the end, if you are in search of a quality product that helps you with control, stability, and accuracy, this set of two paddles from Niupipo is a well-suited option for you. It is best known for its textured handle and a polymer honeycomb design that provides you with absolute accuracy and balance. I absolutely love the grip that is decently lightweight and helps you in good hits and swings. Apart from this, you will get four balls and two paddles, not to mention the carry bag.

Niupipo Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Pickleball Balls
9.8/10Our Score
  • True Flight Technology
  • Excellent Durability
  • For Outdoor and Indoor Play
  • USAPA Approved

First of all, these balls from Niupipo are a collection of indoor and outdoor ones with outstanding durability, high-end specifications, and exceptional aerodynamic performance that helps you in a great play. These balls are designed for different bounce levels to accommodate you with improved efficiency on different ground fields. Apart from this, ease of control and durability are behind most of the positive ratings of this Nuipipo pickleball. It is worth mentioning that I found the plastic highly accommodating when it comes to aerodynamic performance, such as a precise path.

To begin with, the primary feature of these balls is their True Flight Technology that is the talk of the town when it comes to these Nuipipo balls. Thus, with this feature, you are getting a quality bounce and a precise path that mitigates the chances of losing focus. Also, the fact that these holes are strategically placed with great precision makes them a perfect alternative for improved gameplay. I have been using these balls for practice sessions and haven’t experienced any inconvenience in throwing, controlling, or bouncing this ball according to my requirements.

Talking about the construction, these indoor and outdoor balls are made up of top-notch EVE and PE plastic material that is best known for its long service life. The design further incorporates a seam welding technology that provides you with great strength and durability that stands almost all the fields ideally. It is also noteworthy that the pack of balls comes with a mesh bag, so you can easily store and transport these things effectively.

It is also designed according to USAPA standards such as size, bounce, weight, and stiffness that are appropriate for all the skill levels, making them a great option to go for. Also, these balls are weather-resistant that makes it absolutely incredible to follow a straight path. Further, the fact that these balls are approved by USAPA through comprehensive testing makes it a reliable and sturdy option to go for, specifically if you are invested in routine practice sessions.

Similarly, for indoor balls, the manufacturers have added 40 holes that keep the bounce level low and helps you in achieving great accuracy. Additionally, all these balls are equipped with a superior balance that is soft and lightweight enough to deliver maximum bounces in one go. However, if you are currently having a ball from some other brand, you will feel these ones are a bit different as they are designed a bit thicker to enhance the control and stability throughout. So, you might have to use it for some time to get used to these.

When it comes to outdoor balls, the manufacturers have added precise welding and an optimized design that serves you well in achieving a straight path despite harsh or extreme weather. These balls are designed with a smooth texture intentionally to achieve symmetry that will, in turn, help you with a lightweight and desired pop or bounce level. As compared to indoor balls, these incorporate 26 strategic, precise holes to facilitate you with accuracy and required bounce.


  • USAPA approved for tournament matches
  • Made up of top-notch EVE and PE
  • Offers great control and desired bounce
  • Holes on each ball are strategic and precise
  • Offers great edge for practice sessions


  • Expensive than usual
  • It might feel different for first-timers

Finally, this pack of indoor and outdoor balls from Niupipo is everything you need, irrespective of the skill set. I really like these ones for practice sessions as they are designed to provide you with great precision and aerodynamic performance. Also, the fact that different balls work perfectly well in different fields makes it of great value. All the holes on each ball are designed strategically to give you desired bounce and absolute control over the performance. For the first-timers, it might feel different than usual as it is intentionally left a bit thick to help you with control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Niupipo a good, trusted company to buy a paddle?

Niupipo is by far the most popular choice for players and famous brands across the market to get pickleball paddles and balls. All the products from these brands have been tested by USAPA that proves them to be reliable and efficient. All the paddles from this brand include fiberglass or graphite texture that helps you in a quality experience with great stability and control. Apart from this, you can also get balls for this game that are compatible with the field you are going to play with better aerodynamic performance, improved stability, and balance.

Are all the Niupipo paddles USAPA approved?

Yes, all the pickleball paddles from Niupipo are USAPA approved, and that helps you in making up your mind. USAPA (United States Amateur Pickleball Association) is a renowned organization known for the advancement and evolution of pickleball on a national level. All the products approved from here are exceptionally efficient in performance with great stability and control that helps you with good hits and spin. Likewise, the Niupipo balls are compatible with USAPA standards such as a smooth surface, required bounce level, and stability that serves you well.

Does the paddle give great comfort and grip through long hours of play?

A pickleball paddle is a bit smaller than a tennis racquet, designed specifically for beginners to get a hold of the game. These paddles are present in different sizes and weights, typically ranging from 6 to 14 ounces to choose from. For long hours of pickleball gameplay, it is important to have a small paddle that helps you in achieving control and stability. These paddles often incorporate soft padding and the advanced sweat-absorption mechanism for comfort and reduced moisture.

Do they offer protective cases with the paddles?

Yes, some of the pickleball paddles come with protective cases. Most of these paddles are designed with edge-guard features that add to the protection and make them extremely sturdy to work with. Back to covers, these are designed to prevent injuries and damage, making them a great choice for long service life and prolonged use. If you want additional security for the game, it is advised to look for a protective case. Many of the pickleball paddles from Niupipo come with these protective cases that help you with efficiency and prevent damage in the long run.

What is the best Niupipo pickleball paddle in 2023?

Niupipo Fiberglass Paddle is one of the best in 2023, with all the correct features you need to facilitate you. This one comes with a textured handle and an edge-guard design that provides you with long service life and absolute protection. Apart from this, it comes with soft cushioning and a standard circumference that helps you with overall comfort and a quality grip. While doing the Niupipo fiberglass paddle review, I found it exceptionally well for beginners and professionals alike with great durability, improved strength, and power.

What are the things you should look for while buying a pickleball paddle?

In order to buy a quality pickleball paddle, it is important to consider some of the essential features that are going to serve you in the long run. The primary things you should look into are its head size, cushioning, sweat-absorption level, power, and strength. Apart from this, you should also consider the noise level of the paddle and the traction it offers overall. Finally, you should also be well aware of your skill level and what you need to serve your game in the field.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the paddles for pickleball are a great tool to change the dynamics of your gameplay for the better. Here, you cannot find anything better than these best Niupipo pickleball paddles that have become a popular choice across the market for experienced players and newcomers. I have fallen in love with these paddles ever since I got them, as not one of them lacks USAPA approval or a protective edge-guard design that is pretty rare to find these days.

Apart from this, the stability and balance make most of the Niupipo pickleball paddles ratings. Similarly, it is important to know what you are looking for and the basic features of quality pickleball paddles. Some of the most important things you should consider include the size of your handle, cushioning, head size, material construction, weight, and so on.

This comparison guide helps you get an idea of all the merits and demerits of each model and know what best suits your requirements. You will also find a quality recommendation for pickleball that is extremely significant to look into, as having a quality ball for indoor and outdoor fields can make a huge impact overall. Wrapping up, I hope you will find the best Niupipo pickleball paddle that is suitable for your individual needs.

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