Top 10 Elongated Pickleball Paddles in 2023 | Oversized Paddle Reviews

Read to learn all about the hottest elongated pickleball paddles on the market in 2020. These oversized paddles gained alot of popularity in recent years

Pickleball is one of the most entertaining sports to play for many people. You may be in the market for new paddles in order to get ready to play some heated matches with your closest friends. The following reviews will tell you all about the best new elongated pickleball paddles and the most popular long pickleball paddles. It will make buying a great new paddle as simple as it can possibly be by giving you all of the information about what features they offer and why they are worth your time.

Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles In 2023

A new paddle can really change things up for you quite a bit. Having the right paddle is going to allow you to enhance your playstyle while working on improving at certain things. These longer paddles are also great because of the improved reach that they provide. All of the paddles below are going to be different in their own ways. They each bring something unique to the table that you will want to hear about.

Read on to learn all about the hottest pickleball paddles on the market in 2023. This is going to give you plenty to consider when purchasing your next paddle. All of these are fantastic choices but it should be very easy to find the perfect fit for you. Every piece of information that you need is right here so you can discover everything about the most sought-after oversized pickleball paddles of 2023.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Paddle

AMPED Maxima
9.5/10Our Score

The Selkirk Amped Maxima is one of the premier pickleball paddles on the market currently. This paddle allows players to have a very good experience by being designed to perfection. One of the first things that you should note is that it has a very large sweet spot design. This allows for really good contact with the ball and it makes it easier to make some incredible shots.

  • Elongated Paddle Design - 17" long
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Technology
  • FiberFlex Paddle Face 
  • EdgeSentry Edge Guard

This paddle has been tested and approved by the USAPA. It is going to be one of the best options for players who are looking to get into USAPA tournament play. The paddle itself is already used by over 200 sponsored professional players around the world. Many ranked players make use of this paddle and it has proven to be a very good fit for many.

Players will love the core design of this paddle as well. It has an X5 polypropylene polymer core. This gives players the chance to enjoy great power while also maintaining control of the ball. It is a balanced paddle that is good for several different play styles.

The fiberglass face of this paddle has been meticulously engineered. It has been made to improve match play feel while also increasing the overall performance of the paddle. To add to this, the paddle is also very stylish. You can pick from a large number of different colors and all of them look fantastic.

The only problems with this paddle are really going to be subjective. For instance, there are some people who think that this paddle is a bit too heavy. It weighs in between 8.0 and 8.4 ounces, putting it in the middle range. Many are comfortable with this weight but it is not the lightest paddle on the market by any means. This weight range is more popular with tennis players.

You will also have an easier time playing singles with this paddle than you will with playing doubles. It is a paddle that appeals more to advanced players than it does beginners. Depending on what you are expecting out of your pickleball paddle experience, this will either be an excellent fit or a poor choice. It just depends on your style and if you feel comfortable with the weight.


  • It is incredibly stylish.
  • It has been tested and approved by the USAPA.
  • It offers a great balance between power and control.
  • It has a very large sweet spot.
  • It is perfect for playing singles.


  • It may not work as well for doubles.
  • Some think that it is too heavy
  • It is better for advanced players.

Gamma Needle Paddle

9.5/10Our Score

The Needle features an elongated design offering the most reach that you can get. With a longer paddle, you typically get a narrower sweet spot and less accuracy. To compensate for these issues, the paddle includes a graphite face and the Sensa Poly Core along with these specifications:

  • Sensa Poly Core (Nomex core)
  • Graphite face
  • Weight of 7.6 ounces
  • 4.125-inch grip size
  • 4.25-inch grip length
  • Measurements of 7.125 x 16.625 inches

The Gamma Needle is another very good pickleball paddle that many people are falling in love with. It has several key features that help it to stand out from the competition. One of the standout features that you will feel immediately is the honeycombed cushioned grip. It feels amazing in your hands and is going to help many players to feel as if they are fully in control.

This is a handle that is 4.25” in length. When you are playing a rigorous match, it will always feel as though you have a good grip. This is great for serious players who want to be able to feel just as confident in their grip toward the end of a long playing session. The design of the handle for the Gamma Needle is among the best on the market. All customer pickleball paddles review posts have been in love with this handle design for a good reason.

You can also count on the Gamma Needle to offer you good ball control. If you are a player who wants to use control and pinpoint accuracy to win games, then this is a good overall paddle. The Sensa poly core technology that was used to design this paddle is going to keep you in complete control of the ball. Having consistent control is going to help to keep things going your way.

This is an elongated middleweight paddle that weighs in at just 7.6 ounces. It should be comfortable for most pickleball players and will never feel as if it is cumbersome to use. This makes it a pretty good option for just about anyone who is interested in pickleball. Even casual players can get a lot out of this paddle due to the overall good weight and how natural it feels in your hands.

The paddle has been approved by the USAPA as well. It adheres to all of the USAPA standards, making it a fine choice for serious competitive matches. The graphite face of this paddle is capable of enhancing both touch and control. It’s a perfect fit for both beginners and advanced competitive players.

You will not have to sacrifice style if you want to buy this paddle either. There are several color options available and you can even choose to have the paddle display the logo of many popular college sports teams. This is perfect for those who want to be able to represent the schools of their school. It’s a good-looking paddle that performs brilliantly.

The only real downside of this paddle is that the sweet spot is a bit too narrow for some people’s liking. If you like to have a wider sweet spot, then you may wind up preferring another option. Regardless, this is an easy paddle to recommend to most people. It is going to be a cost-effective option that offers you high-end capabilities.


  • Good fit for both beginners and advanced players
  • Extremely comfortable handle
  • Great core design for improved ball control
  • Full USAPA approval
  • User-friendly weight
  • Many style options


  • Sweet spot is fairly narrow when compared to some other paddles.
  • Your favorite college may not be available when choosing the style.

Paddletek Horizon Paddle

9.3/10Our Score

The Horizon has an elongated body. In fact, it is the longest that you can get. It measures 17-inches long. You also get these features:

  • 17-inches long
  • 7-inches wide
  • 4.5-inch handle
  • 4.5-inch grip size
  • Weighs 7.2 to 7.4 ounces

The Paddletek Horizon is another option that you should consider when looking for a good pickleball paddle to purchase. This one is a bit different as it has a shorter handle than usual. This winds up giving the paddle a much larger strike zone than usual and it works out very nicely for many players. This paddle is made pretty thick too so it has good shock absorption, making it easy to maintain wrist control.

Another great positive to consider when looking into this paddle is that it has a large sweet spot. If you like paddles that have a very generous sweet spot, then this may very well be the paddle for you. The sweet spot is elongated, giving you more of an opportunity to nail the perfect shot. It allows you to play with technique and finesse even though you are using a larger paddle.

Control players are going to love this paddle. Most control players will prefer shorter paddles due to being able to control the ball more accurately but this is not something that you need to worry about with this model. This is a fantastic paddle that gives players complete control of the ball. You can put the ball where you need it to go and will feel natural while doing so.

The extended reach of this paddle is very nice overall. You will be able to reach out to make shots that you simply would not be able to with many other paddles. Players who want to give themselves a bit of an advantage will like this paddle. It is likely going to appeal to just about everyone due to its lightweight nature too. It weighs in between 7.2 and 7.4 ounces, making it a very light paddle.

Some players may have an issue with this paddle if they are looking for perfect balance. Certain users have noted that it feels a bit top-heavy in their hands. For most players, this is not going to be a big problem at all. Even so, it is one of the few issues that critics of the Paddletek Horizon have been able to bring up.

The shorter grip may not feel natural for all players as well. This will be ideal for some people and less than perfect for others. It really depends on your personal preferences. This USAPA paddle is a good option so take the time to consider if it meets your specific needs.


  • It gives players the ability to extend their reach.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is the perfect elongated paddle for control players.
  • It offers excellent shock absorption.
  • It has a very large and generous sweet spot.


  • The shorter handle may not be a good fit for everyone.
  • Some consider this to be slightly top-heavy.

Head Radical XL Paddle

Radical XL
9.5/10Our Score

The XL is an elongated Head Radical racquet. It uses the same spin-optimized texture found on the Tour paddle. Despite the elongated shape, it also weighs the same.

Check out the rest of the details:

  • Weighs 7.6 ounces
  • 17 x 7 inches
  • 4 1/4-inch grip size
  • 1/2-inch thick
  • Graphite surface
  • Polymer Honeycomb core

The long face of the Head Radical XL is going to give players access to a larger sweet spot. This allows you to make shots that you may not have been able to make otherwise. It feels really good in your hands and being able to make perfect contact with the ball is always nice. Most players feel as though this paddle has a perfect length that gives them the ability to play their best.

This is a paddle that really extends your reach quite a bit. Being able to approach shots from many different angles comfortably is a nice feature. You will be able to execute perfect slices and serves when you have this paddle on your side. It is also going to be a great paddle for reaching to hit low balls.

You will also really enjoy the polymer core design of the Head Radical XL. The core is capable of minimizing the vibrations that you are feeling, allowing you to stay in control of the moment. You can always count on maintaining proper form and will be able to react quickly when necessary. Being able to volley the ball with speed and accuracy is possible when you use this paddle to its full potential.

There are two weight options to consider when purchasing this paddle too. You can opt for a lighter 7.6-ounce paddle or a heavier 8.1-ounce version. The blue version is the lighter paddle and the red is the heavy paddle. Both options have their uses and some people will prefer to have a bit of extra heft while playing the game.

Disappointingly, this pickleball paddle does not come with a cover. If you would like to have one, then you will need to order it separately. This is not a big deal for most people but some will find this to be less of a deal due to the lack of a cover being included. Just keep this in mind when making your decision.

There are also very few style options. The two available colors are red and blue. The red and blue on the paddle are really only just different colors of the logo as well. If you want a pickleball paddle that is a bit more visually appealing, then you may want to look elsewhere.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Great reach
  • Two different weight options
  • Polymer core design that minimizes vibrations
  • Advantages for both high and low shots


  • It does not come with a cover.
  • There are very few style options.

Pro-Lite Chrome N-R-G Paddle

9.2/10Our Score

The well-rounded Chrome N-R-G has an elongated shape and large sweet spot. The loaded head helps you slam the ball harder and faster. Here are the primary details of the paddle:

  • 4¼ inch grip circumference
  • 4¾ inch grip length
  • 7-15/16 inches wide
  • 16 5/8-inches long
  • QuadCore polymer honeycomb core
  • Gel-coated, triple-layer composite facing
  • Weighs 7.6 to 8.0 ounces

Those who are looking for a paddle that offers great power will really love what the Pro-Lite Chrome N-R-G brings to the table. You will be able to enjoy increased power on your swings when you use this paddle. It is also a particularly good paddle when it comes to placement on dinks. You can really attack shots well when you are using this paddle properly.

You will be able to enjoy the long face of this paddle helping you to extend your reach. Hitting the ball powerfully is simple and you will be able to successfully complete more shots. This paddle feels very natural to wield for pretty much any player that uses power as the focus for his or her play style. It is perfect for power hitters and those who like to play singles matches.

This paddle weighs in at 8.2 ounces and it feels perfect for giving you the right momentum on your swings. Of course, this is going to be a bit too heavy for certain players. The usefulness of this paddle is really determined by the way that you play the game. Some people are going to love this and others will not find it to be the most practical.

Most players will be able to agree that this paddle has a very nice broad sweet spot. When it comes to elongated pickleball paddles, this one has one of the best sweet spots around. The polymer core of this paddle gives you a great sweet spot that will help you to make the best shots. It feels really good overall and you will not have to worry about dead spots.

The paddle also has a nice gel-coated face which helps you when you’re rallying. You will feel as if you have an increased time to respond to shots and will be able to see great results. The surface is actually triple-layered. It makes use of fiberglass, vinyl, and gel coating.

You should know that there are a few slight negatives about this paddle. To begin with, it does not come with a cover. That is not a big deal for most people but you should be aware of it. Also, this is not a good paddle for control players. It is going to be best for those who play the power game and may not be practical if you are into playing with more finesse.


  • It is perfect for power players.
  • It has a very broad and generous sweet spot.
  • The triple-layered surface gives you more time to respond while rallying.
  • It offers a very good reach.


  • It doesn’t come with a cover.
  • It is not a great option for control players.

Paddletek HELO Paddle

9.4/10Our Score

The Helo looks like the Horizon paddle. Both options feature elongated bodies that provide more reach a boost of power. The main details of the Helo include:

  • 17-inches long
  • 7-inches wide
  • 4.5-inch grip size
  • 4-inch handle
  • Weighs 7.2 to 7.4 ounces
  • ProPolyCore core material

Paddletek has another good offering for you to consider with the Paddletek HELO. This is a paddle that is going to work out well for those who want a paddle that is both lean and long. This is a longer paddle than many others on the market, coming in at 17”. It is certainly one of the most desirable long pickleball paddles that you can buy.

Being able to enjoy great reach will allow you to adapt to any situation. The Paddletek HELO helps players to reach out and complete shots that would simply not be possible with most other paddles. If you like being able to enjoy increased adaptability while playing, then this might be the best option for you. It is a paddle that feels good to hold too so it is not top-heavy despite being longer than usual.

The fact that this paddle has a shorter type of handle is going to appeal to certain people as well. If you come from a ping pong background, then this is going to feel more natural for you. You will be able to hold this as if it was an oversized ping pong paddle. You can grip it similarly to a normal ping pong paddle and this can give you greater control than usual.

Power shots are actually pretty good with this paddle too. You can really make good contact with the ball using this paddle and it is also easy to put spin on shots. If you want a good power paddle that also offers solid control options, then this is an easy recommendation.

The ProPolyCore that this paddle uses is also worth mentioning. It really does a solid job of dampening the impact of shots. This helps you to set the pace of rallies, keeping you in control at all times. It can definitely give you an advantage against the competition.

If you buy a Paddletek HELO, then you should expect it to weigh between 7.6 and 7.9 ounces. You also need to know that it has a larger grip than usual. People with larger hands really wind up falling in love with this. It feels more natural to hold for people with large hands but it may wind up alienating some people with smaller hands.


  • It is lean and long.
  • It has a good weight.
  • The short grip is nice for ping pong players.
  • It offers a great combination of power and control.
  • The ProPolyCore dampens the impact of shots.
  • The large grip is comfortable for those with large hands.


  • It might not work well for those with small hands.
  • The shorter handle will not feel natural for all players.

Engage Encore Blade Paddle

Encore Blade
9.6/10Our Score

This is another paddle that comes in at 17” long. If you are looking for a great paddle that is going to give you the most reach possible, then you cannot go wrong with the Engage Encore Blade. This paddle adheres to USAPA standards but it is the maximum length allowed by their regulations. Being able to reach out to make the tough shots is always going to be very nice.

  • Specialized Polypropylene core
  • Proprietary Fiberglass layers
  • Roughness test passed

You will find that this paddle is about more than just extending your reach too. This is also one of the best pop pickleball paddles. The surface of this paddle has an enhanced texture that will allow you to do a lot of things with the ball. Getting a lot of pop on your shots will be simple and it will also be easy to put spin on the ball.

This is a slim paddle as well so it will feel quite natural to use this in competitive matches. The grip of the paddle is also going to be small. This will feel good for some hands and may feel a bit too small for others. It is another situation where it will come down to your personal preference.

The weight of the paddle is going to range from 7.9 ounces all the way up to 8.3 ounces. Most of the paddles are going to give you a solid combination of power and speed. You should be able to enjoy a good reaction time when using this paddle. It will still be possible to complete powerful shots in order to overwhelm your opponents.

The Engage Encore Blade has a handle that is 5.125” long. This is good as it allows you to change your grip easily in the middle of the match when necessary. Many long paddles do not have such generous grip length so it may be a good option to keep in mind if you like a handle that isn’t too short.


  • It is great for pop shots and putting spin on the ball.
  • It offers a very long reach while still being USAPA approved.
  • It is slim and feels natural to use.
  • It has an overall good weight.
  • It has a good handle length.


  • The small handle may not work well for those with larger hands.
  • It lacks style options.

Onix Summit Graphite Paddle

9.6/10Our Score

The Onix Pickleball Summit paddle is at the top of the list of Onix paddles. It has an elongated body that tennis players love. It is also USAPA-approved. The main technical details include:

  • Graphite face
  • Polypropylene core
  • Tennis handle
  • Weighs 8 to 8.4 ounces
  • Includes edge guard

Anyone who wishes to own a pickleball paddle that has outstanding reach will be well-served by looking into the Onix Summit Graphite. This is a pickleball paddle that gives players great reach while still staying in complete control. The paddle has a handle that is designed perfectly for giving you good ball control. It allows you to stay in full control of the long face of the paddle without having any issues.

This paddle has a graphite face and it winds up offering players an incredible experience. The hitting surface is very durable and it makes returning long shots or dinks a breeze. The polymer core of this paddle is really good at absorbing shock. You will be able to put balls right where you want them to be when using this paddle.

You will be using a short 4” grip if you decide to go with this option. It should be a very comfortable grip for many different types of players. It may not be quite as ideal for those with large hands but it works really nicely for control players. It helps control players to feel as though they have the ability to do whatever is necessary to win the game.

The Onix Summit Graphite is also great at helping players to put spin on the ball. You can utilize methods that are similar to ping pong in order to get the right spin on your shots. This is all possible due to the shorter-than-usual grip. It is going to be very natural for some players to get used to.

This is a lightweight paddle that is going to be near the top of the line in maneuverability. If you want to be able to enjoy both speed and pop, then this paddle is a good choice. It has a long reach at 16.375” and it just feels good to use. Consider this one if you are looking for a good paddle as a control-style player.


  • It is perfect for control-style players.
  • It offers excellent speed and maneuverability.
  • The short 4” grip is great for ping pong players.
  • It allows players to utilize ping pong methods to get spin.
  • It offers good shock absorption.


  • Not ideal for power players
  • May not feel natural for those with big hands

Gearbox GH7L Paddle

9.4/10Our Score

The GH7L is simply an elongated version of the GH7. It uses the same technology and design, but with a longer head. Here are the specs:

  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Measures 17 inches long and 6 3/8-inches wide
  • Comes in 4-inch grip size
  • Features H7 polymer honeycomb core
  • Made with fiberglass surface

The Gearbox GH7L is known for being one of the best-elongated paddles in its class. One of the best reasons to own one of these is due to its great maneuverability. This is a paddle that weighs in at 8.0 ounces but it still manages to feel lightweight. It is easy to swing this paddle and players will be able to use this to their full advantage when moving around during play.

The composite face of this paddle is very good and gives players a great surface area to hit the ball. You will feel as if you have the ability to make contact with the ball very easily when using this paddle. Also, the polypropylene honeycomb core performs admirably. It gives you a soft sound while still giving you very good power.

One of the best aspects of this paddle is that it is good at both power and control. This is not going to be the most powerful paddle on the market but the power is worth noting. You will be able to enjoy playing a bit of a power game while using this paddle and can also maintain control over the ball. It is a superior elongated paddle that gives players options to consider during a game.

You can use this paddle to put spin on the ball very easily too. It uses what they are calling “Hyper Bite Spin Technology.” What it is called does not really matter as you just need to know that this is an excellent paddle for getting spin. You should be able to perform some impressive maneuvers when you’re using this paddle.

The molded handle is going to feel comfortable in your hands as well. It has a 4” grip size that is going to feel natural to some players and bad for others. Just keep in mind that this is a good overall paddle that will be most practical for people who are comfortable with smaller grip sizes.

Many people consider this paddle to be among the most durable options on the market too. This is built to last and it should stand up to many years of rigorous play. It is also very reasonably priced so it is a practical paddle to purchase.


  • It offers great performance while still being quiet.
  • It is good for both power and control.
  • It helps you to put spin on the ball.
  • It is very durable.
  • It offers excellent maneuverability.


  • The small grip size won’t appeal to everyone.
  • Some may prefer an option with even greater power.
  • It is more practical for control players who still want good power.

Topp Reacher Composite Paddle

9.7/10Our Score

Lastly, you will want to take a look at the Topp Reacher Composite Pickleball Paddle. This is a paddle that gives players a good experience in several areas. One of the first things that you will notice about this paddle is that it has some heft to it. Despite this, it should still be easy to play without tiring yourself out or fatiguing your wrists in any way.

  • Polypropylene Core Used
  • Graphite Paddle Face
  • Cushion grip to provide solid control

This paddle weighs in between 7.6 ounces and 8.2 ounces, depending on which style you choose. The weight of the paddle allows it to be a very solid option for power players. It has enough heft to really allow you to put some force behind your shots. If you are looking to play the power game, then this is a paddle that is going to be worth considering.

One of the best parts of using this paddle is that you do not have to completely sacrifice power in order to gain good control. It is basically a jack of all trades when it comes to pickleball paddles. You will be able to have the power that you need while also being able to maintain solid control and flexibility. This paddle can do it all and make you feel good while doing it.

It has a standard handle length of 4.75” that should feel good in most people’s hands. The grip circumference is in the medium range as well. This makes it more practical to suggest this paddle to many different people. It is something that is going to feel comfortable in more people’s hands than some of the other options from earlier.

You will also see that this paddle has a polymer core that does a good job of dampening vibrations. It can give you more time to respond to shots and it performs quite nicely. Anyone who is looking to control the pacing of a pickleball game will be able to use this paddle suitably. It feels good in your hands and the vibrations being minimized keeps you from tiring out too quickly.

At 16” long, you will be able to use this paddle to add a bit of reach to your game too. It is not as long as some of the other paddles on this list but it is long enough to make a difference. It can give you a bit of an advantage while still feeling natural to use. It gives you good extra reach on all types of shots, allowing you to have more options when you are playing.

The style of this pickleball paddle is pretty nice as well. You can choose between several different color combinations. All of them look good and the Topp logo is prominently displayed on the surface. It may not be the absolute flashiest pickleball paddle on the market but it is a good-looking one.

One of the few potential negatives of this paddle is that some may want it to be longer. There are paddles on the market that are 17” long and this one cannot quite match up to that. Depending on how much reach you want, you may not find this offering to be adequate. Some will be glad that it is only 16”, though, so it’s another case of personal taste impacting what your purchasing decision will be.


  • It offers good overall reach.
  • Several style options are available.
  • It is good for both power and control.
  • It has a good heft to it while still managing to be somewhat lightweight.
  • It has a comfortable handle.
  • It is great at dampening vibrations.


  • Some may wish that it was longer.
  • Some may find it to be a bit too narrow.

In Conclusion

Now that you have seen what the very best elongated paddles on the market are, you will be able to make an informed purchasing decision. There are so many great paddles out there for you to choose from. All of them have their own quirks and positive aspects. Every single paddle on this list is good for a different reason but one of them is sure to speak to you specifically.

Whatever type of pickleball player you are, you should be able to find a great paddle that will help you to improve your game. Having the right paddle can really make you feel more confident during play. Getting a nice long paddle will improve your options and allow you to return shots that you never thought that you would be able to track down. If you are serious about pickleball, then you owe it to yourself to get a good paddle such as one of the options listed above.

Take your time to examine everything in detail so that you really do wind up choosing the best one. This is a fun game and many people are very passionate about this pastime. You’re sure to enjoy it even more than usual once you bring one of these paddles home for yourself. Buy your next pickleball paddle now if you are ready to take your game to the next level.

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