Don’t Buy A Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Until You Read This Guide

Gearbox stands behind the quality of their paddles with a one-year warranty. See the in-depth comparision and review guide about Gearbox Pickleball Paddles

A Gearbox pickleball paddle may be the right choice for your next paddle. As one of the top racquetball brands, Gearbox has lots of experience developing products for racquet games.

Shopping for pickleball paddles is never easy. Comparing paddle cores, face technology, shapes, and sizes can often be confusing and frustrating. Luckily, Gearbox pickleball paddles provide a few options to meet your needs.

Here is everything you need to know about this company, including the latest Gearbox pickleball paddle reviews and comparisons.

What Should You Know about Gearbox?

Who owns Gearbox? The company was founded in 2007 by Rafael Filippini. He has 25 years of experience as a professional racquetball player. After receiving rave racquetball racquet reviews, the company began producing paddles for handball, paddleball, and pickleball.

The company also continues to produce racquetball and paddleball products, including a few items that may appeal to pickleball players. The Gearbox racquetball bag is the perfect solution for transporting your pickleball gear.

While the company only recently entered the pickleball market, Gearbox racquetball racquets are known for their quality. With a Gearbox racquet, players know that they are getting a durable product designed by people that understand the sport.

Pickleball and racquetball are entirely different sports. How much does a racquetball weigh? It weighs 1.4 ounces. A pickleball ball weighs about 0.88 ounces, yet the paddles tend to weigh more, allowing players to send the ball across the larger court.

Racquetball racquet weights are also typically lower compared to pickleball paddles. While there are major differences, Gearbox has managed to use its experience developing racquetball products to produce reliable pickleball paddles. With every Gearbox paddle, you get the following:

  • USAPA-approved paddles
  • Edgeless construction
  • A one-year warranty
  • Durable, reliable paddles

All Gearbox paddles are USAPA-approved. They also feature edgeless construction, instead of adding a thick guard around the rim.

Gearbox stands behind the quality of their paddles with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers defects but does not cover normal wear and tear. Due to the durability of the Gear paddles, this should not be an issue.

Overview of the Gearbox Pickleball Paddles

The original Gearbox paddles were called 7, 8, and 9, named after their respective weights. The company has updated a couple of these designs, with the new Seven Pro and Eight Pro. Gearbox has also introduced several paddles with single-piece construction.

Several of the earlier paddles are now discontinued and only available through third-party retailers and pickleball suppliers. The original 7, 8, and 9, along with the G7, are no longer made.

The current lineup of Gearbox pickleball paddles includes the following options:

The Gearbox pickleball paddles are manufactured in the company’s San Diego pickleball headquarters. If you are searching for a new paddle, take a moment to compare each of these Gearbox pickleball products.

Gearbox Sports G2 Paddle Review

G2 Paddle
9.3/10Our Score

With the G2, Gearbox improved their single-piece construction. The new paddle has a carbon and glass fiber surface that is molded with thermal set resins. The resulting paddle is durable, even without an edge guard. Other details include the following:

  • Weighs 8.5 ounces
  • Measures 15 15/16inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Comes in a 3 5/8-inch or 3 15/16-inch grip size
  • Features a polymer honeycomb core
  • Made with a carbon fiber surface


  • The high-quality carbon fiber surface offers more grip and ball control
  • The paddle is designed to provide a good balance of accuracy and power


  • The largest grip size is 3 15/16-inches, which may be too small for some players

Like all Gearbox paddles, this paddle uses single-piece molded construction. It includes a polymer honeycomb core molded with a combination of carbon and glass fiber facing. The design protects the core from the damage, reducing the risk of soft spots.

The carbon and glass fiber offers more control compared to other surfaces, which typically limits power. To make up for the lack of power on the surface material, Gearbox made the paddle heavier. At 8.5 ounces, the heavier design gives you more momentum.

Gearbox also likes to make their paddles wide. The eight-inch width and standard shape create a larger sweet spot. As you likely know, a larger sweet spot makes it easier to hit accurate shots.

Overall, the G2 is a great buy and provides a great value. It is not too expensive, but not too cheap. You get a solid mid-range paddle that is versatile enough for beginners or pros.

Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle Review

G11 Paddle
9.5/10Our Score

The Gearbox G11 is a unique paddle, featuring solid composite composition. There is no honeycomb core and no risk of the paddle developing dead spots. Here are the main product specifications:

  • Weighs 7.8 ounces
  • Measures 15 15/16inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Comes in 3 5/8-inch or 3 15/16-inch grip size
  • Has no core
  • Is made of composite material with single-piece construction


  • This is a powerful paddle with a unique solid-piece design
  • The paddle has a large sweet spot


  • It is slightly expensive
  • It does not offer as much control
  • The grip sizes may be too small for some players

With the G11, you do not get a core. The paddle is designed with a solid composite material. Without a core, the paddle should last longer.

The paddle has the same dimensions as the G2, which means that it also has the smaller grip size found on most Gearbox paddles. You can choose between a 3 5/8-inch grip and a 3 15/16-inch grip.

Most companies that offer a smaller grip use 4-inch grips for the smaller size. If you tend to play one-handed or have large hands, this paddle may be difficult to work with.

You may also experience is a lack of finesse. The composite material is smoother and more flexible compared to the surface material found on other Gearbox paddles. It gives the paddle more pop and power, with less accuracy.

In the end, this paddle is best suited for experienced players that want more power. I liked this official video from Gearbox which showcases the internal structure of these awesome G11 paddles which includes carbon fiber material.

Gearbox Pickleball GH7 Paddle Review

GH7 Paddle
9.6/10Our Score

The GH7 takes the place of the G7. It is a specially handcrafted paddle featuring new Fiber H7 technology. H7 is a new type of polypropylene honeycomb core designed for optimal balance. Other highlights include the following:

  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Measures 16 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Comes in 4-inch grip size
  • Features H7 polymer honeycomb core
  • Made with fiberglass surface


  • This is a powerful paddle for experienced players
  • The molded construction provides greater durability
  • The paddle includes a four-inch grip


  • The paddle does not have a satisfying “pop” when hitting the ball
  • It may not offer enough control for beginners

Gearbox claims that this paddle offers maximum control. However, beginners may find that they have more missed shots or glancing swings due to the fiberglass surface. While the H7 core offers a decent balance of power and control, the surface material limits accuracy.

Some players may also miss the satisfying pop of hitting a pickleball ball. With the softer sound, this paddle is suitable for play in designated quiet neighborhoods.

The GH7 may not appeal to everyone. It is another unique Gearbox paddle, built for durability and power. It also has a four-inch grip, which is slightly thicker compared to the typical thin grip on Gearbox paddles.

Gearbox Pickleball GH7L Paddle Review

GH7L Paddle
9.4/10Our Score

The GH7L is simply an elongated version of the GH7. It uses the same technology and design, but with a longer head. Here are the specs:

  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Measures 17 inches long and 6 3/8-inches wide
  • Comes in 4-inch grip size
  • Features H7 polymer honeycomb core
  • Made with fiberglass surface


  • Has a powerful design
  • Created with a durable construction
  • Offers more reach
  • Includes a four-inch grip


  • Beginners may struggle with this paddle

With the GH7L, you get the same benefits provided by the GH7. It is a powerful, durable paddle.

The main difference is that you get more reach. With extra reach, you also get a little more power for direct hits. Like the GH7, some players may struggle to maintain accuracy with this paddle.

Gearbox Seven Pro Paddle Review

Seven Pro
9.3/10Our Score

The Seven Pro is an update to the original Seven paddle. It features the same shape, size, and carbon fiber Solid-Span Technology (SST). However, newer paddles include Hyberbite technology. Here is a closer look at the details:

  • Weighs 7.0 ounces
  • Measures 16 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Comes in 3 5/8-inch or 3 15/16-inch grip size
  • Features carbon fiber solid span technology
  • Features graphite and fiberglass surface


  • One of the most versatile Gearbox paddles
  • Made with durable one-piece molded construction
  • Features innovative technologies which you cannot get elsewhere
  • Includes a four-inch grip


  • Does not includes a thicker grip size
  • The lightweight design may not work for everyone

The carbon fiber Solid-Span Technology (SST) was developed for the original paddles. This innovative material eliminates the need for a core. It gives the paddle a softer sound and feel, generating more resistance and giving each swing more power.

The hyper bite technology is a spin technology, designed to help the paddle grip the ball a little longer. This slight modification gives you better ball control, providing the right playing surface for adding more spin.

The combination of these technologies helps give the paddle more balance. You also get a larger sweet spot that will not wear out and soften over time.

The Seven Pro is one of the most well-rounded paddles from Gearbox. It is perfect for players of all skill levels and play styles. The only potential drawback is the power that you get.

While the SST design gives the paddle more power compared to other materials, this paddle is lightweight. The seven-ounce paddle does not give you the same power that you get with a heavier paddle, but it does offer more accuracy for finesse shots and dink shots.

Gearbox Eight Pro Paddle Review

Eight Pro
9.5/10Our Score

Like the Seven Pro, the Eight Pro is an updated version of the original Eight paddle. The paddles also continue to use the same naming convention. The paddle Eight Pro weighs eight ounces. Other details include the following:

  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • Measures 16 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Comes in 3 5/8-inch or 3 15/16-inch grip size
  • Features carbon fiber Solid-Span Technology core
  • Features graphite and fiberglass surface


  • You get more power compared to the Seven Pro
  • The durable construction prevents dead spots
  • The paddle features an original design that stands out compared to other paddles


  • Some players may want a lighter paddle

It has the same shape and materials used for the Seven Pro paddle. The only difference between the Seven Pro and the Eight Pro is the weight. The Eight Pro is one ounce heavier, giving it slightly more power.

If the lightweight Seven Pro does not deliver enough power for your needs, you may find that the Eight Pro provides greater balance. You get a solid combination of power and control, making this the top Gearbox product.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Gearbox Paddles?

Gearbox offers a variety of paddles to suit most budgets and experience levels. While the company is mostly known for its Gearbox racquets, they also make quality pickleball paddles. The pickleball San Diego tournaments tend to feature players who use Gearbox products.

The high racquetball racquet ratings that the company received allowed them to branch out into other sports, including pickleball. If you are interested in paddleball, Gearbox paddleball paddles are also highly recommended.

So, what is the best Gearbox paddle? This depends on your budget, experience, and play style. The Gear Box Pro series of paddles are currently the top recommendations from this company.

The Seven Pro and Eight Pro are improved versions of the original paddles designed in the pickleball paddle tennis San Diego offices. The newer paddles feature a new spin technology called Hyper Bite. If you want more spin, these are your best option.

The Eight Pro is also one of the best-balanced paddles. It is not too powerful, yet still delivers enough force for power shots. The only drawback is the price.

If you want the most affordable Gearbox product, choose the GH7 or GH7L. Like the Seven Pro and Eight Pro, these paddles feature single-piece construction with no core material.

In the end, Gearbox is making unique products and developing exciting new technology. The carbon fiber cores and solid construction help create some of the most innovative paddles on the market. No matter which paddle you choose, you will be getting technology that is not available from other manufacturers.

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